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Child Abuse: A National Epidemic

Awareness, Identifying, Laws, & Reporting

Sgt. Bill Davis, a 50-year veteran police investigator, takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride, laughing one minute and crying the next with his highly motivating presentation about crimes against our most innocent elements of society – our children and families.  He educates his audience using over 500 slides in his power point presentation as he talks about physical, neglectful, emotional, and sexual abuses to children, as well as related issues concerning family violence.  The complete program is an 8-hour action-packed seminar.  He discusses not only laws applicable to these atrocious crimes, but ways to curtail these incidents of abuse and family violence through education, awareness, and positive parenting skills applications.

This seminar also helps Texas school districts satisfy the 2003, 2007, and 2009 Texas legislative mandates to create or present programs or policies dealing with child abuse, teen violence and dating violence, and 2009 House Bill #1041, dealing with issues related to child sexual abuse.  Sgt. Davis has also incorporated the new 2017 “Bullying” statute into his seminar.  The information received from this program just might save a child’s life or an innocent family member’s life.

Educational Objectives: 

1. Awareness of applicable laws dealing with the four types of child abuse.  This program enables you to better protect children in your communities and schools.  It gives you the information on contacting the proper agency (to call law enforcement and/or child protective services) and appropriate measures to take to ensure safety to children and to victims of domestic violence.  This program also discusses the liability of you, your school, and members of your community in reference to reporting issues of abuse.  

2. Awareness of profiles of perpetrators of physical and sexual abuse, profiles of child victims, and information to better identify families of domestic violence. 

3. Discuss methods of prevention so that these abusive and violent incidents can be stopped through proactive methods of awareness and education rather than dealing with them in a reactive way.

Odessa, Texas

“Sgt. Davis was very consistent and very knowledgeable and kept my interest. I learned things that I had no clue about. I would attend his seminar again.”
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