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Kids in Preschool

Taking Care of Children Programs

Child Abuse: A National Epidemic

Awareness, Identifying, Laws, & Reporting

Sgt. Bill Davis, a 50-year veteran police investigator, takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride, laughing one minute and crying the next with his highly motivating presentation about crimes against our most innocent elements of society – our children and families.  He educates his audience using over 500 slides in his power point presentation as he talks about physical, neglectful, emotional, and sexual abuses to children, as well as related issues concerning family violence.  The complete program is an 8-hour action-packed seminar.  He discusses not only laws applicable to these atrocious crimes, but ways to curtail these incidents of abuse and family violence through education, awareness, and positive parenting skills applications.

Child Safety: First and Forever with Officer Bill

Most adults know this 50-year police veteran as Sgt. Bill Davis. But, his ‘little friends’ know him as ‘Officer Bill.’ Officer Bill’s program for pre-school and elementary school age children discusses several topics with his audience. Officer Bill begins his program with a discussion about who our real heroes are in the daily lives of our children and empowers them to be heroes in their own life. Children do not usually forget Officer Bill’s message about gun safety as he shows the children where a careless friend shot him with a gun. He continues with discussions about bicycle safety, seat belts, and traffic signs. Other topics that Officer Bill discusses with the children are ‘stranger-danger,’ getting lost, and ‘911.’ The topic of bullies is dealt with extensively and in a way that even pre-k boys and girls can comprehend.

Personal Safety: A Fact of Life

Often our professions take us from the safety and security of our offices and homes. Sgt. Bill Davis, a 46-year police veteran, presents some common sense ideas and a few defensive tactics to help us maintain a higher level of awareness and safety while working to keep others safe. Sgt. Davis will discuss ways for us to keep ourselves safe in
our homes, vehicles, and ways to keep from being victimized from identity theft. He also discusses the crime of sexual assault and provides profiles of the three types of rapists, thus enabling the audience to have a better understanding of a possible attacker. 

Sex and the Law

Sgt. Bill Davis’s program for teenagers IS NOT a sex education program. It has been presented to over 155,000 teenagers in middle schools and high schools throughout Texas. Most adults are very reluctant to talk to teenagers about SEX.

Sgt. Davis’s program with middle school and high school teenagers is a 90-minute presentation and is filled with audience-speaker interaction. People in Texas are held accountable for their actions from the age of ten-years-old until they die. Under Texas law, ten-year-old children can receive a prison sentence up to FORTY years, depending on the severity of the crime. Because of this accountability, Sgt. Davis very candidly and professionally discusses various criminal laws dealing with sexual encounters that relate to teenagers and young adults.

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