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Sex and the Law

Sgt. Bill Davis’s program for teenagers IS NOT a sex education program. It has been presented to over 155,000 teenagers in middle schools and high schools throughout Texas. Most adults are very reluctant to talk to teenagers about SEX.

Sgt. Davis’s program with middle school and high school teenagers is a 90-minute presentation and is filled with audience-speaker interaction. People in Texas are held accountable for their actions from the age of ten-years-old until they die. Under Texas law, ten-year-old children can receive a prison sentence up to FORTY years, depending on the severity of the crime. Because of this accountability, Sgt. Davis very candidly and professionally discusses various criminal laws dealing with sexual encounters that relate to teenagers and young adults.

We will also discuss the issue of “sex-ting,” the rave with teenagers across the nation that legally is called  pornography (or child pornography if the photo is of a person 16-years-of-age or younger).” The newest law dealing with bullying and cyber-bullying is ‘David’s Law’ and is also brought to the attention of teenagers. Sgt. Davis is a strong and vocal proponent of abstinence. Halfway through his presentation, Sgt. Davis changes the discussion to civil law, dealing with pregnancy, the difference between a biological versus a legal father, paternity suits, child support, and rights of the mother, father, and child. Bullying has become a major problem in schools throughout the nation. Sgt. Davis also talks about physical bullying, sexual bullying, and cyber-bullying throughout this presentation. The program is filled with laughter, anxiety, and 100% attention from his audience.

Past response from students warrants a time frame of 90 minutes for program presentations and a few extra minutes, if desired, for a question and answer period.

Educational Objectives:

1. We expect teenagers to behave like young adults. Yet in this very sensitive area, we fail to give them the legal tools to behave appropriately. This program shows how Sgt. Davis very professionally gives them legal information in a very entertaining setting.

2. There are two kinds of laws in our society – criminal and civil. Both types of laws deal with the issue of ‘sex’ in different ways. Sgt. Davis addresses these civil and criminal issues in a ‘down to earth’ presentation for both students and faculty.

3. This is NOT a sex education program for students. It is a very professional and candid approach to a very delicate subject that needs to be given immediate awareness to students rather than not discussing it, and hoping the issue will just go away. It is always better to be proactive, rather than reactive.

Hudson, Texas

“I’ve never seen anyone keep the attention of teenagers for 90-minutes, but he did. He even kept my attention.”
- Junior High School Principal
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